A headteacher has expressed concern over security at her school after a 20ft tree smashed through new fencing.

The tree at Aldersbrook Primary School, Northumberland Avenue, Wanstead, was blown over during storms on Thursday night.

The top of the tree was cut off by the council to unblock the road, but is caused significant damage to the fence and there are fears other trees could fall.

Aldersbrook Primary School headteacher, Miz Mann, said: “I have come into school to find a tree at the back of the large playground has fallen through the new fencing and into the road.

“Fortunately this happened with no children or staff on site.

“My concerns are the security of the site and that the trees were all assessed just before summer 2013 by the council before the works on the fence were due to commence.

“I appreciate the weather has been adverse. However, my concern is now that we need to ensure all our trees on site are not going to cause any further safety risks.”

A council spokesman said: “We have a rolling programme of tree checks for Redbridge, but the trees in and around the school will be looked at sooner if they are believed to be dangerous.”