People living near a controversial new CCTV system which automatically fines drivers have welcomed the initiative.

The Videalert system, the first of its kind used by a local authority, has issued 915 fines of £130 for traffic offences since going live on November 25 in four different locations in Redbridge.

The exact revenue figure has not been finalised as the fines are halved if payment is made early and some may be subject to appeal, but the total could be as high as £118,950.

The AA and RAC criticised the use of the system, saying it was sold as a money-making option and there could be problems with road lay outs or signs.

But residents living near the junction of Johnston Road and High Road in Woodford Green have spoken in support of the new CCTV, which enforces a ban on a right turn into the main road.

Susan Walsh, 61, Harts Grove, said: “I am in favour. Everyone needs to stick to the rules and if it means they have more money, they could be less inclined to put up taxes.

“I recently received a £30 parking penalty after leaving my car for only ten minutes, but I was happy to pay because I broke the rules therefore I paid my punishment.”

Merry Zeppa, 70, Mellish Gardens, said: “People who turn right are putting themselves in huge danger as the road is extremely busy. It will make people think twice, so I think that can only be positive.”

Thomas Allan, 59, Harts Grove, said: “I have lived here for the last ten years and have seen many drivers turning right out of the junction. It is so dangerous, and while it is a pain for us, I support the initiative.”

Cameras are also located at Snakes Lane West in Woodford Green, Chadwell Heath Lane and High Road, in Chadwell Heath, and High Road and Clements Road, Ilford.