An indoor market will close on Sundays due to a lack of trade.

Sunday trading at Wood Street Indoor Market in Walthamstow began only in August last year as part of a trial.

But management firm Woodstow & Antiques Development Ltd said Sunday trading at the 38-year-old market was never a permanent decision.

A spokesman said: "Between August and now we monitored the footflow for eight weeks at 11am and 4pm every day we are open.

"We found 70 per cent of traders were not adhering to the times of the market - ie, Tuesday to Sunday.

"The trial was to see how successful it was and we found that people were not coming in and spending money."

A online petition had been launched to save the market from closing on Sundays by Jason Jackson, part-owner of indoor market shop Aura Rose Cakes & Patisserie.

The petition has received over 330 signatures.

"Sunday is the one day of the week when you can do nothing but potter without a trace of remorse, Sundays are perfect for exploring Wood Street Indoor Market," he said.

"For most people the opening hours during the week means they cannot visit and being open on a Saturday & the Sunday allows them to do so."

But Janet Murray, of Scrolls and Shells, a cake decorating business, who has been trading in the market for 17 years, said the pilot had proved unsuccessful.

She said: "General trading on Sundays wasn't as successful as hoped. People weren't necessarily spending, and the market acted more like a walk-through for people out and about on weekends."

After March 9, opening times for the indoor market will return to Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 5.30pm.