A porter was jailed yesterday for breaking a homeless man’s skull after a row at a Walthamstow charity soup kitchen last October.

Andrei Telts, 30, of Grove Road in Walthamstow, punched Leo Andreliuskis causing him to fall to the ground and smash his head on the floor after accusing him of pushing in while the men were queuing for food at the Christian Kitchen van in Mission Grove.

Telts, who Judge Tudor Owen said should not have been using the service in the first place, was jailed for 10 months after sentencing at Snaresbrook Crown Court yesterday.

“Last year you entered a soup kitchen even though you were in employment and earning good money in order to get a free meal,” Judge Owen said.

“It is obviously intended for people in difficult financial circumstances, not the likes of you.

“For some reason you thought a man in front of you shouldn’t be served before you.

“You spoke to him and he didn’t respond because he was simply going about his businesses so you hit him with some considerable force.”

Cases where a person is punched and suffers further injuries after hitting their head on the ground can often lead to death, Judge Owen added.

Mr Andeliuskis’ skull was fractured and he was knocked unconscious for four minutes.

He had to have liquid drained from his skull after scans showed bleeding on the right side of his brain.

Estonian-born Telts was arrested but did not comment to police before pleading guilty to one count of unlawful and malicious wounding last month.

The council is trying to evict Christian Kitchen from the Mission Grove site is has used for 20 years because it claims it is a magnet for crime and anti-social behaviour.

Christian Kitchen supporters believe volunteers are providing a crucial service.

The charity has taken the decision to the High Court and last month was due to hear whether it could mount a challenge.

However, after a hearing on February 26 the judge adjourned making a ruling to an undecided date in order to assess the evidence.