Waltham Forest Council has refused to 'discuss' the case of a single father and full-time carer who claims errors which have led to his Housing Benefit being stopped could leave his family homeless.

But the authority suggested Michael Dore had not provided information required to process his claim.

Mr Dore, of Kings Road in Chingford, is a full-time carer for his grandmother, who suffers from Alziemer’s, and his 12-year-old son, Dylan.  

But the family face an uncertain future as Mr Dore claims his Housing Benefit has been repeatedly stopped over the last year due to administration errors, leaving him unable to find a new home.

He insists he has provided all the information and documentation required in an attempt to get the benefit reinstated.

A council spokesman said: “Because of issues around data protection, we cannot discuss individual claims, but it is important to stress that Housing Benefit is a means tested benefit which means that the level of entitlement, if any, is based upon income, capital and circumstance of those living within a household.

“The authority has a responsibility to protect the public purse and ensure that entitlement calculations are correct by requesting information and evidence that support claims for benefit.

“If any claimant has not supplied information requested of them by the council, they should do so in order that their claim may be processed as quickly as possible.”