RESIDENTS have reacted with sadness to news that  a school uniform shop has closed after 109 years.

Henry Taylor, in Hoe Street, Walthamstow, had been based in Waltham Forest throughout its history but has now moved its business entirely online.

In a statement, management said the closure was due to a shortage of stock and the "restructuring" of the business, but they did not elaborate further.

Items sold on its website are being sold at 40 per cent off the shop price.

The shop opened in 1903 as a gentleman's outfitters, capitalising on the booming number of commuters living in Walthamstow at the turn of the century who would travel into the City.

They soon added schoolwear along with a tailoring service, remaining largely unchanged until 1978 when management decided to focus entirely on uniforms.

According to the shop's website it will continue to produce its own garments and will continue to visit some schools at lunchtimes.

Commenters on the Guardian's website have reacted with sadness to the news.

Commenter 'LakeBreeze' said: “For nostalgic reasons, I find this closing quite sad.

“I remember me and my mum going to Henry Taylor's in readiness for secondary school; first time we'd been held to a super-strict uniform that could only be bought from there. It was weird and exciting and scary all at the same time!

“A 'transition' moment in a little kid's life.”

'IsayThat' added: “I went to school in Hackney and my uniform came from Henry Taylor. It was a day out for my mum and I to get my uniform.

“[But] Henry Taylor has not gone, they are trading online, which seems a far more economical and sensible way todays market.”

'Helen' from Walthamstow said: “This is quite sad. It is common to buy stuff online, of course, but with growing children it is useful to try clothes on, especially blazers which are expensive.

“I passed the shop just before the autumn term started, and there was a long queue outside!”

Henry Taylor did not responded to the Guardian's requests for a comment.