A WOMAN has warned people to be on their guard after she was targeted by a mugger in a balaclava on her way home from South Woodford tube station.

Julie Davis, 41, of South Woodford says she will never walk home alone at night again after the terrifying robbery which happened last Saturday (November 3).

She said: “I had been out with a couple of friends for some food and got off the train at 10pm.

“I thought about getting a taxi home, but it was so busy on George Lane, I just thought I’d walk.”

She turned into a deserted Marlborough Road but, as she was about to cut down Clarendon Road, a car pulled up in front of her.

“I knew straight away that something terrible was going to happen and I just screamed,” she said.

“This guy got out the back in a balaclava, it was absolutely terrifying.

“I’ve always thought that in a situation like that I would run, but I was just frozen to the spot. It was the most horrible feeling I have ever had.”

The man, who did not speak, gestured at Miss Davis to stand still before snatching her bag and jumping back in the car, which his accomplice then drove off.

Miss Davis ran to a nearby friend’s house and the police were quickly on the scene.

She said: “I have tried hard not to let what happened get to me, but I know I won’t walk down there on my own at night anymore.

“They could have grabbed me and put me in the car and nobody would ever have known, it’s horrible to think about.”

Miss Davis lost £300 and her phone in the mugging.

“On reflection, I shouldn’t have been carrying that much around,” she said.

“I just feel I should warn other people to be careful.

“I’m going to write to Richard Hoskins (her local councillor) because I think the council could improve lighting down there.

“There are also lots of bushes where people could hide. I think it could be made safer.”

She describes the car as a maroon hatchback but cannot remember much about the mugger or the driver of the car.

Anyone with information sould call Ilford CID on 020 8345 2624