A PAINTING has started a debate among book-lovers and those who favour technology.

Modern artist Paul Cates has painted a piece called Books vs Kindle and has asked people who visit The Village Bookshop in High Road, Woodford Green to write their thoughts on the artwork itself.

So far comments on the painting include:

"There’s room in the world for both."

"Turn on the power, put on the candles, open up your mind and resume, inhale and listen to your book as it takes you on a journey."

"Down with electronic books,  experience the journey and treasure it forever."

"You can’t curl up with a machine."

"I don’t have to keep recharging my book."

Mr Cates of Chingford Lane, Woodford Green, was inspired to paint the piece after fearing the decline of books because of the rise of the electronic book.

He said: "Kindle and e-books are starting to take over.

"I love the idea of going into a book shop and browsing the covers. I have a book case by the side of my bed and the spines of the books are just so colourful and add life to my room.

"I can just see a lot of these small book shops finding it very hard with the rise of the Kindle and e-book."

Alison Lawrence, owner of the book shop said: "For me personally you can't beat the smell of a book. My books are like my friends, we go on journeys together.

"People say don't judge a book by its cover, but sometimes a book cover is a piece of artwork in itself."

To add your thoughts to Books vs Kindle pop down to the The Village Bookshop during the next couple of weeks.