A MODEL maker said he has been given the cold shoulder by the Royal Albert Hall after creating a detailed, three foot high replica of the iconic venue using just matchsticks.

Anthony Pullum, 68, of Bushey Close in Chingford, said staff offered encouragement when he proposed putting his planned model on show in the building and he invested £500 in materials.

But after an estimated 1,500 hours of painstaking work the great-grandfather completed the model and rang his contact at the hall.

However, they have not returned his calls and he now fears the model will never be enjoyed by visitors.

Mr Pullum said: "It was very fun to build. I just thought 'why not' and asked them about it. "They seemed enthusiastic to do it for a couple of weeks and gave me someone's number to phone when I finished but they've not replied to my messages. It's very frustrating.

"I'm really angry about it. I would feel proud to have it displayed."

Mr Pullman began making models out of matchsticks when he was forced to retire as a coach driver 20 years ago following a heart attack.

He started by making replicas of small caravans and sewing boxes.

But recently he has taken on more ambitious projects, including St Paul's Cathedral.

He said: "It was just a hobby because I'm not well enough to get out much but I do enjoy it.

"I've had people come in and see them and they say they're fantastic."

But Mr Pullman is adamant he will not sell his creations.

"My wife put a couple up on eBay before but bidders don't think about the hours it takes to build them," he said.

"I'd rather donate this one to the hall."

The Guardian has approached the Royal Albert Hall for comment.