The club captain and the ladies captain have joined forces and raised £25,000 to grant wishes for terminally ill children.

John Kemp, 47, and Jeannie Hollick, 64, are captains at Wanstead Golf Club in Overton Drive and, following in club tradition, have spent the past 12 months raising money for a charity of their choice.

The £25,000 raised is being donated to Wanstead-based charity Dial-a-Dream.

Mr Kemp of Overton Drive said: "We did put a lot of effort into raising the money.

"Dial-a-Dream is a worthy charity and if we can help give these children one day or week of happiness then all for the better."

Mrs Hollick said: "This money will help give terminally ill children a holiday of a lifetime.

"It is just a fantastic charity."

To raise the money the captains held various charity golf days during the year and even fined golfers £1 if they sunk their ball in the lake between hole 16.

Bob Heath, founder of Dial-a-Dream, said: "The sum raised is absolutely fantastic and it will give so many children something to look forward to."

It costs on average £4,000 to grant one child their wish.

The sum the captains have raised smashed the target set by previous captains, which stood at £13,000.

In club tradition new captains are chosen each January and they spend the next 12 months raising money for charity.