A park used as the site for temporary accommodation during the Olympic Games has been left in a disgusting state, according to regular visitors.

Temporary structures used to house 4,000 security staff and troops in Hainault Forest Country Park were removed in September, but the damage done to the grass has not been repaired and there are large muddy areas.

Planning permission was granted with the condition that the land was restored within three months of the site being vacated.

Marilyn Hibbin, 66, of Joydon Drive in Chadwell Heath, walks her two dogs Tilly and Max in the park on most days.

She said: “It looks terrible, I mean it is just ridiculous.

“Even if they couldn't plant grass because of the weather you would have thought they could have flattened the land out and tidied it up.

“Something needs to be done soon.”

Karen Bennett, 41, from Dagenham, walks her spaniel Grace every day in the park. She said: “It does not look attractive. I have heard they will begin work in the spring when the weather improves.

“Having the site still there is a pain in the neck because Grace is a retriever dog and likes to follow a certain path while walking, so she keeps disappearing.”

Sisters Margaret Pegram, 63, and Diane Davies, 56, also both from Dagenham, visit the park three days a week to walk terrier Lacey.

Mrs Pegram said: “It is disgusting the way it has been left.

“There were reports it would be cleared up by the end of October, but it will be next October by the look of it.

“It is a real shame the way it looks. It ruins the beauty of the park.”

Richard Davies, of Snoozebox Ltd, which organised the accomodation, said: “The conditions for restoration last autumn were not suitable. It just rained and rained. It was impossible to do anything.”

He added work should begin in the spring depending on the weather.

A Redbridge council spokeswoman said: “A full restoration plan is in place and the contractor will return to site in March 2013, weather permitting, to commence the final stages of reinstatement prior to levelling and re-seeding the site.”