Late-night customers at a restaurant could cause disruption to families, it is feared.

Redwoods Turkish restaurant in George Lane, South Woodford, has asked for permission to extend opening hours to 1.30am and sell alcohol until 11pm.

But families living nearby said it could exacerbate existing problems with noise from nearby pubs and bars.

Kate Crowe, 62, of Kenwood Gardens, said: "It is enough having the pubs opening late. Is it really necessary?

"Only drunk people will want to eat that late and what trouble will that bring?

"I’m definitely not in agreement with this."

Naomi Tolson, 34, of George Lane, said: "Opening that late changes the whole appeal of living in George Lane – there are families living in this road who don’t need the noise.

"Are they really going to me making that much money opening that late?

"We really don’t want hooligans around here causing trouble."

Yugar Karakus is a director of Redwoods, which opened in November.

He said: "There are a lot of customers asking for alcohol with their meals, we will sell mainly beer and wine.

"At the moment we turn a lot of customers away because we close too early.

"We will be controlling the noise level and not allowing alcohol out in the street or for people to stand in the doorway."

Police visited the restaurant last week and the owners agreed to withdraw a former request to open until 3.30am.

Cllr Gwyneth Deakins, of Roding ward, expected opposition from those living nearby.

She said: "I did have some concern when I heard.

"It is not necessarily ideal to have these kinds of places opening late, but if people want to use them and the police have had their two pennies worth, then I see no reason to object.

"I still don’t think residents will be happy though with the late opening."

Comments on the application can be made until January 18.

No date has been set for a decision.