A park authority has ruled out building a new ice rink on the former site of an Olympic training ground which occupied public land.

The Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA) caused concern among campaigners dedicated to protecting Leyton Marsh when it confirmed the green space was being considered along with other areas for a new ice rink nearly a fortnight ago.

However, LVRPA has now ruled out using the same area of the marsh for the new structure, which would replace the 28-year-old Lee Valley Ice Centre.

A spokesman said: “The area of Leyton Marsh where a temporary basketball training facility which was erected for the London 2012 Olympic Games is not under consideration.

“The area is now being restored so that it can be enjoyed as an open space by the community.”

But campaigners from Save Leyton Marsh group fear other parts of the marsh could still be used amid concern the Olympic basketball court set a precedent for building on the green space.

They are also worried at the prospect of more of the land being damaged after the "awful" reinstatement of the ground used for the Olympic basketball court, which means it becomes waterlogged in wet weather.

Spokeswoman Caroline Day said: "The reinstatement was just awful, the whole area's waterlogged every time it rains.

"Some of the area's been irreversibly harmed by the basketball court and if they use another part they will ruin that too.

"We don't regard that as good enough. They owe the community what they want, which is keeping the marsh in a good condition."

She added: "The statement does not rule out any encroachment on to Leyton Marsh. Leyton Marsh and the surrounding area have been subject to major disruption and damage during the last year.

"The trust of the community in the LVRPA to act as appropriate guardians of the land is running very low indeed and we would like more than a statement of intent as we have been let down many times before."

Save Leyton Marsh protested when the public land had a basketball training court built upon it prior to the Olympics.

The LVRPA said no decision will be made without a public consultation and said a number of sites for the proposed building were being looked at.

The Guardian has asked which other sites are under consideration.