Neighbours who lost the use of nearby garages were angered to learn the site could become three-storey properties “towering” over their homes.

People living in Armstrong Avenue, Highams Park, plan to start a petition against the developments proposed by housing association East Thames for former garages backing onto their homes.

They fear the new houses will prove an eyesore as they loom at the back of people’s gardens and that their privacy will be invaded by the windows overlooking their own homes, as well as the buildings causing a loss of light.

Jay Singh, 31, of Armstrong Avenue, said: “The plans are horrible. It will ruin the view for everyone and will be a massive eyesore. I think they’re taking the mick.

“The whole thing’s a nightmare. They’re sacrificing our privacy to squeeze some houses in. They’re really going to loom towering over us.

“We understand the council needs more homes but East Thames is just looking to use every little space – it’s an overdevelopment here.”

Mr Singh said people were forced to move their possessions out of Waltham Forest Council-run garages around a year ago, and it is this site that East Thames wants to demolish.

He added: “People would snap them up if they were available again. The council said they weren’t popular and there were gangs down there but it’s just a bunch of kids.”

Neighbours are also concerned at the proposals to build narrow pathways between their properties and the site for builders to access it, which they believe could be an invitation to burglars.

Mr Singh claimed many people will object to the proposals when they appear on the council’s website.

They have been received by the authority but have not yet been validated, a process to confirm no errors have been made in the application process.

East Thames has been approached for comment.