Supermarket customers were confronted with an unexpected party in the bagging area yesterday.

Colleagues at the Co-op in High Street, Wanstead wore wigs and waved inflatable guitars as they bopped behind the tills to mark the launch of a fundraising campaign for young carers.

The Carers Trust, which provides support to carers aged 14-25, will benefit from a year’s worth of fundraising at Co-op stores.

Staff in Wanstead chose to mark the occasion with a “Rock Around the Clock” theme to draw attention to the fact that the UK’s estimated 500,000 young carers are facing a 24/7 challenge, often without any outside help.

Taking a break from the dancing, Warren Katheesh, manager of the Wanstead Co-op, said: “The challenges of unpaid caring is an often hidden issue even though it can affect most families at some time.

“We are delighted that Carers Trust is our Charity of the Year and that we have the chance to make a difference to the lives of young people in our community.”

The Co-op hopes to raise £5 million for the charity by the end of 2013.