Great news for Local residents in the lea bridge road area! At long last lea bridge road station is to be re-opened. The station was shut down by Dr Beeching (tory transport minister and chairman of British Railways). He controversially shut down stations throughout the country supposedly for economic reasons. Just over 4,000 route miles were cut. This local station which trains run from Hertfordshire to Liverpool Street was shut down in the 1960’s is now to be re-built. This will give local resident a fast way to travel to Stratford. We have been told by the council that the funding is there to re-build lea bridge road station and it should be open in 2014.local resident have been campaigning for the station to be re-opened. Residents are over the moon about their local train station coming back. The fact that it was shut down really made a big impact for local people getting to and from places.


Sixteen year old Leah Richardson commented ‘this is really exciting, I can’t wait for the new train station to be built, it will be so easy to get to my favourite place Westfield!’
The re-opening will make a huge difference to commuters who live in the lea bridge road area and need to travel to and from Liverpool Street daily for work. One commuter explained to us that ‘this will make a huge difference in the time it takes me to get to and from work, it can’t open soon enough for me!’