Families living on a road where a man was stabbed during an attempted robbery have reacted with fear and alarm to the incident.

The 30-year-old suffered what police have called “life changing” injuries after the attack in Grove Green Road, Leytonstone, at about 5am yesterday.

Police were called by the hospital to inform them of the attack and no arrests have yet been made.

Police have not explained how the man got to hospital and the London Ambulance Service did not attend the incident, but people living nearby have expressed their concern at the violence.

Safia Syed, 27, lives on Grove Green Road with her husband and 10-month-old daughter.

She said: “It’s horrible. It’s really bad, we wouldn’t expect that round here. It is a nice neighbourhood.

“As a mother it’s horrific to think something like that has happened across the road from us. I suppose it was late at night but you realise it could happen to any family.”

Neighbour Valerie Mitchell, 79, added: “It’s very sad. I saw the police and everything but I was asleep when it happened.

“We have a right to feel safe in our own homes. They should have more police on the beat.”

The incident comes just days after a 21-year-old man was badly beaten by a group of eight men who robbed him of his phone at about 12.20am on Sunday just down the road from the scene of the stabbing.

The man was attacked while walking along Dyers Hall Road towards the footbridge and the men made off with his phone in the direction of Pretoria Avenue.

Police traced the phone to South Birbeck Road, where they arrested two men, but could not find the phone.

The man was taken to Whipps Cross Hospital for treatment and has since been released.

The two arrested men, one aged 19 and one 16, have been bailed until Tuesday, February 19.

Police are not linking the two incidents.

Chris Twain, 62, of nearby Chelmsford Road, said the violence has shocked him.

He added: “It’s awful, it’s dreadful. I don’t feel this is a violent area with a lot of crime but I suppose everywhere is dangerous later at night.

“Police can’t wander the streets all night and I think you have to just be careful that late, only go out if you really need to.”