Police have appealed for help in a manhunt for dangerous criminals.

The Met is looking for 18 criminals suspected of murder, rape and violence as it assists countries which believe they have fled to Britain and has released the identities of two men known to have links to Waltham Forest.

Serhat Aslan, 26, is wanted by Turkey, his home country, after allegedly stabbing a 19-year-old man to death following an argument in 2004.

He is known to have links with Chingford as well as Stoke Newington.

Robert Grygoruk, 36, is wanted by his home country Poland, for possessing a handgun, assault, and controlling prostitution.

He has been linked by police to Leytonstone and Forest Hill.

Grygoruk is also suspected of supplying 5kg of cannabis and large-scale fraud and burglary.

The appeal, codenamed Operation Sunfire 3, is the third such public appeal and the Met warned people not to approach the criminals if they see them but to inform police immediately.

If caught, the men will face extradition.

Detective Sergeant Peter Rance said: "Today I'm asking the public, do you recognise these faces? Maybe you know where these people live, work or socialise?

"They are wanted to face justice for a multitude of crimes in other countries and it is in the UK's interests to help find them.

“If you have any information about these people, please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 so we can arrest them. If you see them call 999 and do not approach them."