Dozens of people have signed a petition against plans for three-storey homes which neighbours fear will constitute an overdevelopment and invade their privacy.

People living in Armstrong Avenue, Highams Park, are worried that the developments proposed by housing association East Thames will tower over their houses and that their privacy will be invaded by the windows overlooking their homes.

Yvette Sargent, 36, has collected 59 signatures from neighbours also concerned about overdevelopment and parking problems they believe the buildings would cause.

She said: “The number of signatures demonstrates how strongly we feel about this. There’s no space left here to build and they’re just squeezing it in. We think enough is enough.

“We’re worried about what could happen. I have two small children and with our parking issues already I could be forced to park ages away from my house.

“Carrying one child home at a time, past the forest in the dark, leaving the other in the car - I can’t do that.”

Jay Singh, whose garden backs onto the proposed development site, said people were forced to move their possessions out of Waltham Forest Council-run garages around a year ago, where East Thames hopes to build.

He added: “It’s going to cause a dramatic loss of privacy if it gets passed. No-one will enjoy being in their back garden with people staring at them.

“It would be awful being peered at all the time.”

However, a spokeswoman for the social housing company insisted there was a “significant need” for more housing in the borough.

She added: “The two homes we are building in Armstrong Avenue will provide high quality, affordable homes for two local families.

“The homes have been designed to blend in with the other homes in the area. They have front and back gardens and are a similar height to other homes in the street. They will be built to high quality standards and have been well designed.

“Through the design we have ensured the privacy of neighbouring residents and the pathway between homes will be gated and secure.

“We will carry out further sunlight tests to ensure neighbouring homes continue to get natural light, but we are confident the homes will enhance the area and provide quality family housing.”

The Guardian understands a decision on the application is due next month.