Three days after a cable was severed by a utility company Virgin Media customers are still left without internet, TV or phone access.

A spokeswoman for Virgin Media confirmed that a cable was severed by National Grid on Wednesday evening in Goodmayes Road, Seven Kings.

Engineers were at the scene within the hour and have been working since to fix the cable.

She said: "We’re working to get everyone back online as quickly as possible. We apologise for the inconvenience caused in the meantime."

Ajaz Nawaz, 42, of Eastwood Close, South Woodford, is considering leaving Virgin Media as a result of the poor service.

He works as a data communications consultant from home most days a week.

He said: "I am managing at the moment because I have 3G internet on my phone, but it is very slow.

"Virgin Media are having a bit of a laugh if you ask me.

"Broadband is an absolute necessity these days and this lack of service is unbelievable."

Mr Nawaz has been told by Virgin Media service should be resumed by 7pm tonight, but he isn't holding his hopes up.

The spokeswoman for Virgin Media was unable to give the Guardian an estimated time of when the cable would be fixed.

National Grid have been asked to comment on the circumstances surrounding the servered cable.

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