The next Fifty Shades of Grey could be set in Epping Forest, as an accountant from the district has made the final three of Lorraine’s Racy Reads competition.

Georgina King began writing an adult novel after hearing about her friend’s failing love life, in an attempt to cheer her up.

Now, after entering a snippet of it into ITV Lorraine’s Racy Reads, Georgina has beaten thousands of wannabe writers to get one step closer to having her full erotic novel published by Mills and Boon.

The 31 year-old accountant said that the book, which is based upon the good, bad and ugly consequences of being a woman looking for love, is designed to make girls giggle.

She said: “I thought if I wrote a book about my own experiences, and some of my other friends, then my friend might not feel so bad.

“It is written in a similar style to the Bridget Jones books.”

Author of some of the world’s most famous naughty novels, Jackie Collins, who launched the competition last month, will be giving one on one guidance to the winner.

Georgina will be on Lorraine Kelly’s ITV show on Wednesday, at 9am, to talk about the book, before the winner is announced on Thursday.

The Racy Read judging panel is made up of Coronation Street’s most notorious lover, Bill Roach, author Jackie Collins, and a team from publishers, Mills and Boon.

Georgina says that whether she wins the competition or not, she will finish the book.

She said: “I would love to write full time, because of the competition I feel like I have the confidence to do it now.

“Even if I don’t win, I will finish the novel.”