After two accidents in just two days, last week, commuters and residents have criticised Essex County Council for failing to keep drivers safe, on one of the District's most notorious roads.

Despite promising to spend £75,000 on improving safety measures, Pudding Lane, Chigwell, remains an infamous accident black spot.

In 2009 the Council agreed to step up and sort the road out, after furious campaigning by the residents and a constant stream of crashes, including a man who had had countless drivers hitting his home.

Residents say that there has been no change in the number of accidents and that the money spent, was money wasted, something which they predicted at the time.

Vernon Davies said: “The state of Pudding Lane now is as bad as it has ever been.

“The 30 mph limit had made little difference. I still believe that the only way to make it safer is for it to be a one way street, as was previously requested by all the residents.”

23 year-old Jessica Terrington, who was involved in a collision on Pudding Lane, last week, said that the commute from Romford to Loughton is costing her a fortune in repair bills.

She said: “I cannot understand why the council don’t grit it when the weather is bad, either that or close it.

“The mixture of pot holes and ice makes the road a nightmare, yet nothing seems to be getting done about it, it is so dangerous.

“I have damage to my car from a previous incident and now my car is in the garage again.”

Essex County Council said that they are aware of the problems on Pudding Lane, although did not comment on their failed attempts to make Pudding Lane safe for motorists.

An Essex County Council spokesperson said: “We are reviewing the salting arrangements for Pudding Lane, however there are significant issues including access to the road.

“Due to the recent cold and wet weather, we appreciate that there are a number of potholes on the network.

“We are also increasing our capacity so we can repair as many potholes as we can.”