A crackdown on the misuse of blue badges began yesterday in Redbridge.

The council will be working alongside the police to target anyone who is found to be abusing the system.

This will mean they work together to identify badges that have been tampered with and those which are invalid.

By regularly patrolling the borough's disabled parking bays the council will also look at vehicles where blue badges are being misused, for example where the badge holder is not present and someone else is using the badge.

The aim behind the campaign is to protect the parking spaces that genuine blue badge holders need.

In some cases the council, along with the police, will confiscate misused badges or issue Penalty Charge Notices to vehicles that are found to be breaking the rules.

New legislation proposed under the Government's reforms to the Blue Badge Scheme, could see the council given the power to confiscate misused blue badges on the spot later in the year.