An artist's impression of the mosque a mystery group hopes to build in a high street has been released.

The image has been released by Dalco Developments, which owns the plot known as Evergreen Field in High Street, Wanstead.

The company hopes to build homes on the site, but has said it may be forced to sell to a Middle Eastern buyer, which hopes to build the place of worship, if opposition to its plans continue.

Company consultant, Dez Stowe, said he could not reveal any further details about the interested party due to confidentiality agreements.

Mr Stowe added: "Local authorities really don't like it when they get applications like this.

"The planner will just take them to the European Court of Human Rights and they will get any decision over-turned on the basis Muslims haven't been allowed to have a place of worship.

"The money spent on building mosques is unbelievable. They are all marble and absolutely beautiful."

Dalco hopes to build seven houses, two flats and two shops on the site, but is yet to put in an application to Redbridge Council.

The Wanstead Society, which opposes the plan, has submitted an alternative plan for opening the field for community use.

The council has said any development would contravene its policy on green spaces.