A Parkinson’s Disease sufferer's personal account of how she has dealt with the condition is set to be read by the man in charge of the country's healthcare.

Terry Rummins, 69, of Beechcroft Road, South Woodford, began writing her book, So I've Got Parkinson's Disease, when her condition forced her to give up her career as a psychologist in 2008.

Her husband Jack has also created a graphic version, which tells his wife's story with more than 400 illustrations.

And when Mrs Rummins recently met Woodford Green MP Iain Duncan Smith as he signed copies of his novel at the Village Bookshop in High Road, Woodford Green, he was so impressed he promised to hand a copy of both books to health secretary Jeremy Hunt.

The book describes the first symptoms Mrs Rummins experienced and her first feelings on being diagnosed.

She said: "I started shaking in my right hand and thought I had stress. I also used to get cold, to the extent where I would wear three coats and still be cold.

"I was told you will never get better, you will only get worse and there is no cure.

"I don’t think I said anything at the time, I was just too shocked.

"I can go from being a shaking, wobbling mess, not being able to walk anywhere without bumping into anything in site, to being relatively normal in ten minutes.

"To my shock and amazement I have had people say they have read my book and it has given them a greater understanding of the disease."

Mr Rummins, 69, described how he captured his wife's experience in his drawings.

He said: "I needed a style that would capture the pain and discomfort that Terry feels on a daily basis, so every drawing is drawn with straight lines to illustrate that.

"I don’t really see myself as her carer. Terry is still quite able in many areas, we work as a partnership."

Mrs Rummins has been in touch with Dr Patrick McNamara, a an expert on Parkinson's and she hopes to pen a simplified version of his research, The Cognitive Neuropsychiatry of Parkinson’s Disease, into a simplified version for sufferers.

Both books were published on February 1 and can be bought from the Village Bookshop or by calling Mrs Rummins on 07539 831114.