A voluntary organisation has been awarded £188,000 from the London Council for their work in helping women facing barriers to employment.

Redbridge CVS joins another 33 organisations in getting a share of a £9.4million grant given to services across the capital which support homeless people, victims of violence and the voluntary sector.

Chair of the London Councils’ Grants Committee, cllr Paul McGlone said: "We want the money to go where it can make a real difference for Londoners who are most in need of support.

"The services which are being funded most closely match the four priorities and principles which were decided following public consultation. These are to prevent homelessness; support people at risk of sexual and domestic violence; help Londoners get into work; and assist community organisations.

“The funding distributed by the London-wide grants programme will add to the work already being carried out by boroughs in partnership with a range of voluntary and community organisations.

“There is a much smaller budget for the grants programme this year but we want what funding is available to go as far as possible across London."

The budget for the 2014/15 grants will be decided in November.