Women make better boxers than men, according to a trainer registered under the Muhammad Ali franchise. 

Mark Rahaman has seen a rise in the number of women visiting his sessions following the success of Olympic gold medalist Nicola Adams.

And he believes women can better adapt to the subtleties of the sport.

Mr Rahaman, 44, of High Road, South Woodford, said: “Throughout my eight years working with clients, somehow 90 per cent of them have been professional business women.

“They all love to box and are much better at it than guys.

“I think it is because boxing is really quite technical. It’s an art and a bit like dancing. It’s all about shifting the weight and learning the moves.

“When guys pick up a pair of gloves, all they want to do is punch as hard as they can – you really have to control them.”

Mr Rahaman is a registered coach with the British Boxing Board of Control, as well as being licensed as a Muhammad Ali trainer.

He currently coaches professional light welterweight boxer Ben Day.

Joanne Colley, 30, of Brentwood, took up the sport three weeks ago after being mugged on her way home from work in October.

She said: “After being mugged, it really shook me up and dented my confidence.

"I didn’t join with the intention of learning self defence, it was more to boost my confidence.

“I am a typical girly girl and rubbish at throwing a punch, but this really teaches you everything you need to know and it is great for anger. I really enjoy it.”

Diane Fenton, 47, of Connaught Road, Leytonstone, took up the sport after getting tired of the usual exercise classes available for women.

She said: “I feel more awake and more like I’ve done a workout when I box.

“It doesn’t just work my arms, but it works the entire body – legs, shoulders, core muscles.

“You don’t feel like it’s a manly thing either – it is just good fun.”

Mr Rahaman added: “Boxing is an explosive, anaerobic sport. Great for fat burning and fitness.”

The class meets every Thursday evening and Saturday morning in the St Anne’s Line Hall in Grove Crescent, South Woodford.

For more information call Mr Rahaman on 07956 239690.