Police were called to an attempted robbery at a jeweller last Friday.

It happened at around 12.40pm at the Richard Miles jeweller in George Lane, South Woodford.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan police said that two unarmed white men tried to rob the store.

He said that the robbers did not escape with anything and no arrests had been made.

Unconfirmed reports from several traders in George Lane suggest that the owner of the jewellers chased the robbers out of his shop.

This is not the first time Richard Miles has been targeted.

The shop was looted by a gang of youths who smashed their way through a window during the August riots of 2011.

Owner Dinesh Dewchand and his family rushed to the shop on the night of the incident but were unable to prevent the gang escaping with thousands of pounds worth of jewellery.

Jordy Mantuzolo, of Tine Road, Hainault, was later jailed for 12 months for his part in the robbery, a sentence which Mr Dewchand slammed as too lenient at the time.

The Guardian is attempting to speak to Mr Dewchand about the latest incident.