A burst water pipe caused flooding at eight properties this morning.

The leak caused a section of Chigwell Road near Roding Lane North in Woodford Bridge to split and sent water cascading down the road.

Kenan Top who owns the Bridge Convenience Store says he arrived at 7am to find water inches from flooding his shop.

He said: “I couldn’t open for three hours and I was out there with a brush trying to get rid of the water because I was so worried it would get in.

“It was chaotic outside, there were children getting off the bus to go to school having to wade through water.”

Paul Frair who works at the Shades Colour Centre paint shop on Chigwell Road said his shop was undamaged.

He said: “At 7.25am I was coming up the road on the bus. It was a crazy scene there was a river cascading down the road.

“It looked like a white water rafting centre out there.”

Workers are currently clearing mud and silt from the frontages of several shops opposite the green which sits between Roding Lane North and Green Walk.

The burst main also cut the water supply to several nearby houses.

Pam Norris, who lives in Roding Lane North, said: "I was in the shower at about 7.45, and suddenly all the pressure went and it slowed to a dribble.

"We've got our water back now, but I don't know about other people."

Chigwell road has partly reopened, but repairs are ongoing.

A spokesman for Thames Water said: “A 12-inch pipe in Chigwell Road burst this morning causing flooding to eight properties and affecting water pressures in the area.

“The leak was stopped at around 8.30am and water supplies returned to normal.

“Engineers are currently onsite fixing the pipe and loss adjusters are visiting the flooded properties.

“We are very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.”

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