A dramatic police chase resulted in a suspected burglar escaping into Epping Forest.

A helicopter and a dog unit were scrambled during the pursuit through Hillcrest, Peel and Chelmsford Roads in South Woodford at 10am on Friday.

Police have not revealed the circumstances leading up to the chase, but have confirmed the man remains at large after losing officers in forest near Woodford New Road.

A Chelmsford Road resident, who did not want to be named, told the Guardian he had seen police chasing the man in Peel Road.

He said: "He was wearing a smart suit, I would say he was in his twenties or thirties.

"He came running up the road with two police officers chasing him and shouting for him to stop.

"They opened the doors of a van and an Alsatian shot out off the leash and started chasing this man.

"I saw him run across the main road at which point the officers called off the dog because I suppose they were scared of it getting hit by a car."

A Met spokesman said: "There was an area search to look for a suspect in connection with an attempted burglary.

"There are no records of any arrest at this stage."