Flower beds which have become overrun with four foot weeds will be tended to on a regular basis, Redbridge Council has promised.

The beds on the A406 flyover in South Woodford are part of a £200,000 public art project, but they have become overgrown in recent months.

After the Guardian highlighted the problem last week, a spokesman for Redbridge Council said:  “Work to tidy the flower beds will be carried out in the next few days.

“In future we will make sure they are attended to on a regular basis.”

Church End councillor Richard Hoskins, who complained to the council about the weeds six weeks ago, said he was happy action was being taken.

He said: “This is wonderful news, but I wish it had been arranged when the beds were put in.

“It will be more difficult to maintain now because a lot of the weeds will have already seeded.

“But it will be good to have the place looking nice again.

“I have spoken to several residents who say they would be happy to help with maintaining the beds.”