A brother-sister beer brewing team has seen their products become so popular they have outgrown their 14 industrial-sized fermenters.

James Brodie, 40, who lives in Hendon but grew up in Hackney, and sister Lizzie Brodie are now looking for a larger location to continue making the increasingly popular beers which bear their family name.

Having begun in James’s own kitchen as a hobby, then advancing to the bath tub and now exporting to the birthplace of craft beer, the USA, Brodie’s Beers’ production facilities are currently found behind the William IV pub in Leyton High Road, where they have been since 2008.

Mr Brodie said: “It’s a labour of love, if you didn’t love it you wouldn’t do it.

“We brew stuff that we want to drink and then we hope other people like it.”

He cited the business’ small profit margins as difficult but said the trajectory was onward and upward even while they are at absolute maximum capacity in their current home.

“Our success is down to being different to everyone else,” he said.

“We’re very hands on and can turn different beers around at the drop of a hat – we can brew as and when we want to different styles.”

‘Brewed in the heart of east London’ is the beer’s tagline and they have produced over 250 varieties of beer since 2008.

At full steam the brewery produces 14,000 pints per week.

Their first beer, Brodie’s IPA, was based on a recipe that Jamie used to brew in his bath.

Their fermenters are full at all times but small batch production means they can produce 14 different beers every 10 days.

Mr Brodie said his vision for the future was to expand the business but keep the same hands-on feel and to continue with the same changeable approach that had seen the product become so successful.

Brodie’s Beer can be found at three pubs across London, the William IV in Leyton, The Cross Keys in Covent Garden and The Old Coffee House in Soho.