A hospital radio station staged a 12-hour marathon broadcast on Saturday in order to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society UK.

The Jumbo Sound, otherwise known as Goodmayes Hospital Radio, broadcast the programme of recorded interviews, music and live chat from 10.00am to 10.00pm.

Redbridge deputy Mayor Cllr Tania Soloman was interviewed, as well as fundraiser and campaigner Kaz Aston who was diagnosed with the disease 20 years ago.

The event was designed to not only raise funds for the Marjorie Collins MS Centre, in Romford, and the MS Society, but to raise awareness of the disease and how it affects sufferers on a daily basis.

DJ Philip Lester said: “It was a very long but very enjoyable day. I was on air for most of the day and the reaction from the public during the show was quite extraordinary.

“We had callers from the UK, Europe and as far as Australia wanting to talk about their experiences of MS.

“The Jumbo Sound would like to thank everyone who contributed to make the event a great success.”

The broadcast was aiming to raise over £7,000, with contributions from local business, listeners and support from Tesco and KFC.