A teenager has been reunited with her stolen laptop after spotting it for sale in a second-hand shop.

Humaairah Jama, 18, glanced into the window of Cex, in High Street, Ilford, when she noticed a MacBook Pro identical to the one taken by burglars who broke into her home on Sunday.

Her father, Salim, 51, went to the shop to this morning to check the serial number and found it being raided by police.

After checking the serial number, he discovered it was his daughter’s laptop which had been on sale for £700.

The police raided the shop and three others in the same chain after receiving information on stolen goods.

Police found a significant number of electrical items believed to be stolen at the store in Ilford and at a store in Lewisham. 

A 26 and 22-year-old man were arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods and are currently in custody at a south London Police Station.

Mr Jama said: “It was just by chance that I came to the store when the police were searching for stolen goods.

“When the laptop turned out to be my daughter’s we were so happy. She had only had it for two months.”

Detective chief inspector Ellie O’Connor, said: “We had such a good result today when Mr Jama arrived at the shop. It was a really good way to start the search.

“We are really clamping down at the moment on the theft of electrical items such as mobile phones and laptops and so far there has been 112 less robbery offences this year.

“Items like laptops have so much personal work and data stored on them so it is awful when you find they have been stolen, it must be such a relief to get it back.”

Inspector Daren Donoghue said: "Police encourage second hand traders to exercise caution when it comes to taking in items and should contact police immediately if they notice suspicious behaviour on the part of a client or suspect items of being stolen.

"While reminding the public, to be wary of anyone selling cut-price goods, especially if buying presents for Christmas - if that item is stolen, it’s a criminal offence and they will be liable for prosecution."