A hairdressing couple celebrated 31 years in the profession when they opened their new salon together on Friday.

Erol Huseyin, 47, and his wife Zulfiye, 45 have opened EZ Salon, in George Lane, South Woodford, and put their success down to their ability to work and live together.

Mr Huseyin said: "All our friends say we work together really well as a team. Even though we have two kids it's never been a problem balancing family and work life. 

"We are like soulmates - it just works. We even go to the gym together.

"Now that the children are 12 and 14 it is a lot easier to balance everything, we make it work like any normal couple."

It was while Mr Huseyin was managing Lesters Hairdressing, in Oakfield Road, Ilford, that he met his wife, who worked on reception.

“We trained her up in the salon and she really enjoyed the work and became a really good hairdresser – although obviously not as good as me!”

The couple, who have lived in South Woodford for 18 years, opened EZ Salon after three months of designing and refurbishing the location, which was previously a carpet shop.

“We just wanted a change of location and have the chance to bring our services to a different clientele,” he said.

“We designed the whole place ourselves and so we are really pleased with the way it has turned out.

Mr Huseyin began hairdressing when he was 16 after cutting his mother’s and friend’s hair as a favour.

He said: “I was attracted to the profession because I was really passionate about the creative side of it after cutting my mother’s hair when I was younger.

“Although at the time it was an unusual profession for a boy to go into, it was also a really good way of meeting people and was really sociable.

“I began my training at a number of salons in Bond Street before taking over a salon in Ilford 14 years ago.

"The extra space also allows us to provide more services and treatments.

“We are hugely passionate about what we do and pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our customers about what they actually want, which a lot of hairdressers do not do.”