A have-a-go hero who had to have a metal plate inserted in his broken jaw after he was punched when he went to defend a woman has described the attack.

Michael Makles, 29, had just left Loughton station and was walking in Great Eastern Path when he passed a man shouting at a woman and pushing her, on December 21.

Fearing for the women’s safety, he turned back and asked the man to stop.

But he was then punched in the face without warning, breaking his jaw and knocking him to the ground.

Mr Mackles, of Dunmow Close, Loughton, said: “I was a little scared when I approached the man but I just had to buckle up and go in there. I felt I had no choice.

“I have to go out at night because of when I come home from work but it’s very stressful.
“I take a different route home from work now.”

Mr Mackles was taken to Whipps Cross University in Leytonstone where he spent two days after a metal plate was inserted to stabilise his jaw.

“It was just one big punch,” Mr Mackles continued.

“I was so frustrated that I couldn’t do anything and help the woman.

“I was in shock and I just walked around in a daze for a bit before I managed to walk home.
“I would intervene again but I would be more prepared for a punch.

“I want the man who did this to learn a lesson and see there are consequences for his behaviour, whatever they may be.”

No arrests have been made.