Essex Police's Christmas anti-drink driving campaign has been hailed a success.

A total of 3,409 drivers were breathalysed between December 1 and December 31, resulting in 124 arrests.

Most offenders were dealt with through the courts within one day.

Of the 124 arrested, 10 were taken into custody on suspicion of driving while under the influence of drugs or drink or drugs.

A total of 33 of those prosecuted were under the age of 25. Thirty-three women and 91 men were arrested.

Essex Police’s casualty reduction manager, Adam Pipe, said: "Excellent cooperation with the Criminal Justice Department and the courts has resulted in the majority of offenders being brought to justice within 24 hours.

"We hope that this will bring home to drivers that police and the courts will continue to deal robustly with offenders and ensure they are taken off the roads as quickly as possible for the safety of other road users.”

Police said many drivers were caught out the day after consuming alcohol when they mistakenly thought it was safe to drive.