More than one thousand people have joined a social networking campaign to protest against the now pitch black streets of Epping Forest at night time.

In less than 24 hours, 1100 people have taken to Facebook to support a campaign started by a Waltham Abbey woman to have the street lights turned back on.

On Sunday the streets of the district faded to black when the power to 70 percent of the district's lamps was cut between 12pm and 5am as part of the Part Night Lighting campaign by Essex Council.

The plan to save £1.5million across the county was introduced by Councillor Rodney Bass after it was trialled successfully in Uttlesford and Maldon.

Teresa Cairns from Upshire Green is behind the campaign and has called the switch off “horrendous”.

Sue Calvert from the residents’ association ‘Keep it Local’ says that they are fully in support of the campaign.

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