A mother has described being the face of a supermarket giant’s advertising campaign as “surreal”.

Rejina Sabur-Cross, a mother-of-one who lives in Morland Road, Walthamstow, is appearing in ads on television, online and in-store for Sainsbury’s.

The freelance food writer and blogger is described as a “champion of roast lamb”, who shows viewers how to make the most of Sunday Roast leftovers.

Mrs Sabur-Cross said she has now become a bit of local celebrity.

She said: “Walking through Walthamstow market a stall-holder yelled ‘Hey love got any lamb?’.

“A security guard in Sainsbury’s called me over, I thought my toddler had been shoplifting, but he said ‘You’re the one on the leaflet.”

Mrs Sabur-Cross also runs cooking classes for toddlers in Walthamstow and said it was amazing seeing her recipes brought to life and shared with so many people.

“My son keeps saying ‘There’s mummy,’” she added.

Mrs Sabur-Cross said she was inspired by her mother to create fresh meals with little money.

She has also published a cookery book entitled Gastrogeek, which is also the name of her food blog.

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