A mayoral chain will be lengthened after it ran out of space for new names.

Epping Town Council’s mayoral chain bears the names of all the chairmen and mayors since Charles Hurford in 1894.

The names were engraved on the back of the central medallion until 1934 after which they were engraved on the tablets of the chain.

Town Clerk Alan Shaw believes the chain has previously been lengthened as it used to be stitched to a purple ribbon which is shorter than the current chain.

The council has agreed to add an additional 20 gold plated links to the sterling silver guilt chain to enable new names to be added.

A further eight links will be added to the main chain and 12 inserted as an inner chain at the front.

The additions will cost £1950 and give space for another 40 names to be added.

The less costly option of discontinuing the practise was dismissed by the council.