An artist who has illustrated board games, greetings cards, wallpaper and children’s books has spoken about her latest exhibition.

Barbara Sampson, 64, who is based at her home in Sylvan Road, Wanstead, is exhibiting a collection of her work called Look Deeply at The View in Ranger’s Road, Chingford.

The paintings including woodland scenes from Wanstead Park and Epping Forest and contain faces and figures in amongst the brush stokes, which can only be seen from close up.

Barbara said: “The response has been positive. A lot of people have enjoyed finding the figures.

“I didn’t plan to include them I just realised I had created it from then I decided to consciously include them.

“I was displaying one piece at an exhibition which the queen attended so I painted a Corgi into the scene for a bit of fun.”

The work will be on show daily between 10am and 5pm until Sunday.

Barbara also runs a watercolour workshop for AGE UK at the Activity Centre in Wanstead every Thursday at 1.30pm.