A schoolboy underwent emergency surgery after being attacked by a group of thugs in the street. 

Nathan Inness-Harrero, 15, was attacked from behind and kneed and headbutted in the face as he walked in Albany Court, Epping, near his home in Lincoln Fields, on Wednesday at around 7pm.

The pupil from Davenant Foundation School said there were around ten boys he believed were from another local school involved, with two leading the attack and one filming the assault on his mobile phone.

Emergency services took 30 minutes to arrive at the scene and Nathan was taken to hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery to prevent damage to his eyesight.

Nathan’s mother, Paula Harrero, 50, a midwife at Princes Alexandra Hospital, was alerted by a neighbour and has described finding her son unable to stand with cold, sweaty skin and very slow pulse rate.

She said: “I was in shock I couldn’t understand why anyone would do it. The injuries were horrendous.

“I was nervous waiting for the ambulance I thought he might get worse and I felt helpless.

“It was unreal that he was attacked so close to our house and round the corner from where I was waiting for him.”

“I just want to warn the parents of Epping to tell them what’s going on and to protect other children.”

Ms Harrero said Nathan knows his attackers but has not told his mother for fear of reprisals.

Police are appealing for information and are yet to interview the victim.