A car smashed through a driveway wall, throwing bricks flying through windows of a neighbouring property.

The driver of a blue Clio lost control of his car at about 9am this morning in The Avenue, Chingford.

The 25-year-old suffered chest injuries and was said to be in a very distressed state when he was taken to hospital.

The impact of the crash sent a number of bricks flying through a neighbour's front bay windows, side windows and a porch.

The owner of the house, who gave his name only as Bob, said: “I was upstairs when I heard a massive bang. I looked outside and saw the car.

“It was lucky there was no one in the rooms downstairs as they could have been seriously hurt.”

"I saw a man get out of the car, he was sitting by the side. I went over to him and he seemed very distressed, so I gave him a chair to sit on and waited with him until the ambulance arrived."

This is the second car accident to occur on The Avenue in the space of a week.

The area around the crash has now been cordoned off.

The Guardian is awaiting a statement from the police.


See a video here: