A teenager beaten in a random attack as he walked near his home has vowed not to go out alone.

Nathan Inness-Harrero, 15, was attacked in Albany Road, yards from his home by two teenagers accompanied by up to eight others on Wednesday at about 7pm.

He underwent emergency eye surgery after being headbutted and kicked in the face in the attack, which was believed to have been recorded on a mobile phone.

Speaking to the Guardian, Nathan said: “I am nervous to go out now I will ony go out if I have one or two people with me so we would be able to do something if it happened again.

"I'm more aware of what people are doing around me on the street now."

“During the attack my adrenaline was pumping but I was just thinking that I didn’t want to do anything in case the others got involved.

“Once they had run off I was just relived that they had gone and weren’t going to come back."
Nathan attends Davenant School in Chester Road, Debden, and the attackers attend another nearby school.

He is yet to speak to police after returning home from hospital.

He said: "I would like to just leave it as it is but I want to stop people from doing this again because people can't just go round hitting people."

Police are appealing for information and no arrests have been made.