It is hoped a new community work space will thrive by tapping into a 'revolution' of small businesses and creative endeavour.

Ahead of tomorrow’s opening of Blackhorse Workshop in Sutherland Road Path in Walthamstow, creative director Harriet Warden told the Guardian she hopes the area’s wealth of start-up businesses and creative people will use the space to thrive.

Offering wood and metal working equipment, shared work space and storage, the project caters for businesses and individuals looking for space in which to develop products and skills or carry out one-off jobs.

“It’s tapping into the whole revolution in people focusing on hands-on skills and it’s building on that,” Ms Warden said.

“Blackhorse Road has a lot of artists and makers in the area. There’s already a hub of activity alongside existing manufacturing spaces in this zone so it’s strengthening that and giving more profile to the area in general.

“This area has a high proportion of small maker spaces, so we really want to support that growth and provide affordable bench space so they’ve got the equipment and material on hand to grow things from scratch.”

Furniture makers, craftsmen, and a “whole variety of craft and technical-minded people” will benefit as they save money on tools and other costs, Ms Warden said.

The entire top floor of the building is dedicated to small business start-ups.

Skilled technicians are employed on site and can be booked to teach skills.

Walthamstow residents will be offered discounted rates.

The workshop will open from Tuesday to Sunday, between 9.30am and 5.30pm.


See a video here: