A 16-year-old pilot has celebrated his birthday by taking his first solo flight.

Oscar Saggars, of Hemnall Street in Epping, has been taking flying lessons for less than a year, after receiving his first as a Christmas present.

The former Ivy Chimneys Primary School pupil has been taught by James Cook in a two-seater Cessna 152 at Stapleford Aerodrome, where they are still checking the records to see if he is the youngest ever pilot to pass the test at the airfield.

Oscar, whose birthday was yesterday, said: “I was really happy when I touched down and really relieved to have made it.

“I still had loads of adrenaline but I had to stay serious until I got out because I was still on an active runway.”

The GCSE student is still studying for his private pilot’s Licence and can only pass in full when he is 17, when he will be able to take passengers.

He said:”A lot of people at school have asked if they can be the first to come up with me but I think I’m going to take my granddad because he’s always been interested in it with me."

Oscar will have to pass three A-Levels with grades A* to C in order to get into flight school but then hopes to embark on a career as a commercial pilot.

He said:”I love flying, I wouldn’t care what I was flying or where I was going as long as I’m flying.

The teenager has put birthday and test-passing celebrations on hold until Saturday in order to attend one of his twice-weekly Air Cadets meetings tonight.


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