Dreams of one-day owning their own property have come true after a couple scooped over half a million pounds on Saturday's lotto draw.

Carl, 33 and wife Donna Trainor, 45, of Chingford, matched all six numbers in Saturday's lotto draw to win £541, 609.

Mr Trainor purchased the ticket just hours before the draw and selected the numbers based on milestone events and family birthday's.

The couple had just returned from eating at a Chinese restaurant when they sat down to watch the pre-recorded lotto draw.

Mrs Trainer described the experience of seeing six matching numbers as surreal.

"It was completely surreal when the last number 12 appeared. Whilst Carl was shouting 'we won', I couldn't stop saying 'no way'.

"It was like an out-of-body experience and that I was watching someone else win."

Since the big win, the couple have been looking for a three-bedroom property to buy in Chingford and have replaced their Fiat Punto deemed to be 'on its last legs' with two brand-new BMW's.

Mr Trainor will continue to work full-time at Go Ahead London and Mrs Trainor will continue her role as team leader at the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Some of the winnings will be passed on to close family relatives and whatever is left will be invested into the future of the couple and their two teenage sons.

The lucky ticket was bought at Smokers Paradise off-licence in Old Church Road, Chingford.