The parents of a teenager who was attacked by a group of boys said they feel ignored by police a week on from the incident.

Nathan Inness-Harrero, 15, was attacked in Albany Court, Epping, last Wednesday at around 7pm.

He was yards from his home in Lincolns Field when two boys set upon him while a group of about 10 others looked on, one of whom filmed the event on his phone.

The pupil at Davenant Foundation School in Church Road, Loughton, was kicked, punched and headbutted in the face, leaving him needing emergency surgery on a fractured right eye socket in order to preserve his sight.

The Police are yet to interview the teenager since he was discharged from hospital on Friday.

Nathan’s mother Paula Harrero, 50, said: “I’m shocked the police haven’t been in touch since it happened.

“We feel ignored. It’s as if anyone can do anything these days and nothing will be done.

“I don’t think they’re taking it as seriously as they should be."

The officer assigned to the case was due to visit the family on Sunday, but cancelled the appointment after the case was handed to a more senior officer due to its serious nature.

Officers picked up Nathan’s clothes from hospital for DNA analysis, but have not contacted the family since.

When Ms Harrero contacted police today, an officer told her she had spoken to pupils and may have information as to the identity of those involved.

The Guardian is awaiting comment from Davenent Foundation School.

Essex Police said they will speak to the investigating officer when they come on duty at 3pm this afternoon.

The police are appealing for information on the attack and no arrests have been made.