A pile of debris yards away from a busy junction and a primary school is still blocking a road more than 24 hours after it was dumped.

Flytippers deposited the waste in The St, High Ongar, overnight on Tuesday and it was discovered yesterday morning.

The debris blocks the side of the road approaching the junction with the A414 and has now been cordoned off.

The junction is used by parents dropping off pupils at High Ongar Primary School in the road and is causing motorists delays and inconvenience.

Parish councillor for high Ongar and former Essex county councillor for Ongar and rural division, Gerard McEwen said: “It’s an appalling thing for someone to do. I can’t imagine who’s done it.

“I hope we’re able to make an example of the blighters.

It’s a damned nuisance and what really annoys me is that someone from the council’s waste department will now have to be diverted from another job to clear it up.”

A spokeswoman for Epping Forest District Council, who prosecute flytippers in the district, said the authority was unaware of the incident but was looking into it.