So-called Tube ‘ambassadors’ will be used to help travellers during planned strikes on the Underground.

Transport union RMT plans to carry out two 48-hour strikes on February 4-5, and 11-12 in a protest against the planned closure of all ticket offices on the London Underground – resulting in a loss of 750 jobs.

Transport for London (TfL) said hundreds of TfL and Underground staff will work to keep stations open and aid travellers.

The union has branded using “scab volunteers” as “dangerous nonsense” while TfL said the staff will combat “totally unnecessary industrial action” and urged union leaders to end strike threats.

Over three-quarters of RMT members voting in a strike ballot supported the walk-out.

London Underground says less than 3 per cent of Tube journeys utilise a ticket office and that the closures will help save £50m per year in the context of a budget reduction of £78m over the financial years of 2013 and 2014.

Plans include putting staff on platforms to help passengers.